31 December 2015

2015 Done and Dusted, 12 of my 2015 Experiences


Every year end most of us tend to term the year a bad year, we will be like ‘Oh 2014 was a bad year, I can’t wait for 2015’ Then in 2015 ‘Oh my goodness, this year is the worst I can’t wait for the year to end already’. I for one have been guilty of that but in recent years I have taken it upon myself to acknowledge every situation and embrace the outcomes.
So this year I want to reflect on some of the 2015 experiences and share them with you in a series of events (Timeline), they are in no particular order.

My 2015 experiences

1.       Beginning of the year I made a decision to venture into a totally different career path. I decided to become a TEACHER, from being an ASSISTANT ACCOUNTANT to becoming a TEACHER an ESL teacher to be precise. I still get people telling me that I’m wasting my qualification, but then again I’m like, I didn’t study to become an accountant don’t you think I’ve already wasted 3 years? The Universe has its own way of communicating with us, I’m actually doing perfectly fine in the industry, can’t complain much.

26 December 2015

A Winter Christmas in Cat Ba Island - Vietnam


What does Christmas mean to me?
 Christmas to me means a time to share some love with family and friends. The time where everyone come together to share the love and the joy of the one and only Christ. Just like in most countries if not all, Christmas back home in Botswana is family orientated, like it’s that one time in a year where families get to be in the same place at the same time, and when I say families in Africa I mean extended families where uncles and aunties that you haven’t seen in the longest time show up with half-brothers, half half of a distance cousin, that uncle and his wife that you hate and their kids and all. It’s the time were we all see each other all at once.

18 December 2015

From The Rich African Soils to Asia - Thailand Bangkok


Travel and gain experience they say, well they are right. The more I travel the more I meet a whole lot of different people that I learn from each time. Having been exposed to travelling at the age of 10 I have travelled to a number of countries in Africa and that built so much desire to travel even more.

My first ever trip outside Africa was in 2007, 16 August 2007 to be precise. I remember the day like it was yesterday, who’d forget such a ‘magical’ moment from an African boy born and raised in an African middle class family. I had just turned 19 years by then and making a huge move to Malaysia to further my studies, an opportunity of a lifetime. I wasn't sure of what to expect but I couldn’t care less because my dream to go abroad had just been fulfilled. The 4 years I spent in Malaysia made me fall in love with Asia in general hence deciding to pack my bags on the fall on 2014 to head back to the continent after 3 years of being home. December 6th 2014, I left the African soils, jetted to Thailand, where I spent a period of 10 months, how was my experience in Thailand? One word AMAZING!!!!

OK here it goes, I arrived in Thailand on December 7th 2014 excited to meet my good friend after 3 years, she on the other end never left Asia, she decided to stay behind in Malaysia instead, and she’s more Asian than me. My first visit to Thailand SAWADEE KRUP, I honestly wasn't expecting much though since I have been in Asia before, Oh boy oh boy I was wrong. Bangkok was busy, I thought Kuala Lumpur was busy, but NO this city was on steroids, everyone seemed to be in a hurry and on the mobile phones of course, the traffic jam on the other hand was one that you wouldn't want to be stuck in, an absolute NIGHTMARE!!

6 December 2015

Asia Can Get A Black Person Feel Some Type Of Way


Oh Asia my Asia, a period of 5 years, collectively, being it Malaysia, Thailand and now Vietnam, you have shown me nothing but beautiful scenery a whole lot of experience and life in a more different perspective than where I’m from - Botswana. I’m loving my stay, the people and the cultures are worth experiencing.

Throughout my stay in Asia I have gotten to learn about these countries' different cultures, believe me, these guys are way different than what most of us think. They do have similar behavioural traits, so are my very own Black people and I bet with Westerners is the same, as I have met quite a few through out my Asia travels.

So, like a couple of weeks ago I woke up and I was kind of bored, bored to tears, I took a pen and a piece of paper and I started randomly playing around without anything to write but just when i was about to put them away BOOM!!! I had that Eureka moment an Idea to VLog.

I decided to Vlog, I have never Vlogged in my life and this was the first ever Video I did and it took me quite a few takes and by a few I mean LOOOADS of takes. I decided to blog about things or maybe challenges that any BLACK person living or travelling in Asia might encounter, these questions might be from any parts of the world outside Africa of course. I haven’t been to other continents so I really can’t say much about them. 
These are standard questions and statements that I get from people around and there are more and different from each country, some are funnier and some are really concerning.

Check the video out where I listed 5 and tried to briefly talk about them.

What have you experienced as a traveller across Asia or any other parts of the world? If you have experienced anything worth sharing - please do share with us.

One Love

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