29 January 2016

Falling in Love with HIGHLANDS COFFEE

Ever since I got to Hanoi, I got amazed by the number of cafés in the city, like there are so many cafés you won’t be able to keep the count. Well, I guess it’s great to have a lot around because it’s always refreshing to go out for a cup of coffee in an inexpensive place alone or perhaps with a ‘friend’ or friends. I have checked in in a bunch of them, mind you, I’m not really a coffee drinker, I can literally count the number of times I tried coffee in the past 15 years of my life – A stupid decision that I made and stuck to it.
I don't know why they gave me the Coffee in a paper cup

You know how coffee lovers are, their love for coffee is like the love between a baby and that cute little Puppy or dog (Have you seen the connection?), and their love is beyond measure, I don't even think it equals the agape love. A lot of people I’ve met can't function without a cup in the morning or even during the day, it’s more like their daily dosage.
If you are a coffee lover or anyone who enjoys going out to a café and do absolutely nothing you'd shit rainbows when you get to Vietnam Hanoi, like I said, there are like thousands and thousands of cafés here, one in particular caught my attention - HIGHLANDS COFFEE, seems to be the amongst the list that dominate the market, having read a little about them, they have over 30 cafes in Hanoi alone.
Apparently the first HIGHLANDS Coffee Cafe was opened in Hanoi by one Overseas Vietnamese by the name David Thai in 2000 and it has since became one of the best café in the country, it has spread to other cities including the commercial city Ho Chi Minh City. They produce, package and distributes coffee around Vietnam as well.
I got a chance to visit many of their Cafes and tried a whole lot of drinks from their menu, like I said before, I don't drink coffee but I did try their coffee one time though and a sip nearly knocked me dead.
I visited the one in the center of the city - OLD QUARTER (Hoan Kiem Lake) if you are a tourist or wishing to visit you have to know or read about this place.
So I was at the cafe a couple of days back, below is where the cafe is located, DOPE RIGHT!!? Just on the busiest round-about in the area, next to the Hoan Kiem Lake, one of the famous spots here in Hanoi as well.
Highlands coffee located just by the busiest round-about

So this time around I had a Caramel Phin Freeze, I always ask for it without coffee but this time around I forgot and I also ordered some cake to go with it. These two [Below] cost 79,000.000 VND sounds a lot but it’s like 3.60USD, a good deal for a well-established cafe.
Cake; 25,000.00VND Caramel Phin Freeze 49,000.00VND
One thing I like about the service is that you get to pay at the counter then look for a seat where you'll wait for your order more like Starbucks but a little bit advanced. You are given something like a 'pager' to alert you when your order is ready
'Pager' vibrates when your order is ready
I have also managed to take part of the view that you'd enjoy sitting by the balcony, the weather was bad though (its currently winter here) I didn't manage to get a view of the Lake, it was too foggy, but you get an amazing view of the lake - Hoan Kiem Lake - on a good sunny day.

Check out the MENU and the Interior

Drinks Menu - I literally live for the Freezes

More from their menu, they have incorporated lunch into their menu

Some of the packaged Coffee you can purchase

More Coffee to buy

If you ever visit Vietnam try HIGHLANDS COFFEE

Whats your favourite Cafe/Coffee shop wherever you are?

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  1. Coffee and dessert are made for each other. These desserts are making me drool.

  2. Looks like they know their coffee! I love a cafe that has a wide array of coffee for you to try!

  3. This looks like a great place for coffee! Love your picture! I'm not much a coffee lover but Affogato will be BEST for my new favourite of coffee =D

  4. i would love to check out Highlands coffee. in college i loved peets coffee but i don't have one in my area so i go to starbucks now but not often

  5. I love a good coffee although mine is decaf as I can't have caffeine now :(

  6. This looks like a fantastic coffee shop with lovely delicious cakes mmmmm!

  7. Yum! I'd love to check this place out.

  8. I am a tea lover but these desserts could also work with mt tea

  9. I can see why! Those desserts look amazing!

  10. All these treats look so delicious!! I'm literally drooling over my keyboard!

  11. I haven't had coffee in 21 days. I'm overdue and ready, today's the day. :)

  12. Everything looks delicious. If I could only grab them from the screen.

  13. I am a coffee and dessert lover, so I can’t stop looking at your photos. Coffee and desserts are perfect for anytime to me :-)

  14. That looks so delicious and the prices are amazing for a cafe coffee and dessert! WOW!

  15. I don't drink coffee so I don't know of any. Isn't that awful? I don't get to experience all the charm of these kinds of things!

  16. How fun I've never been to a real cafe !! Laci

  17. That looks was a perfect coffee shop. I would love to go there I really love the cake

  18. This looks like an amazing place! I would love to go there one day! great pictures!

  19. I think I would go there just for the desserts. They look amazing!

  20. This is interesting because whenever I think of Vietnamese coffee, I think of Phin Sua Da (the drip coffee with condensed milk.) I didn't know Vietnam had so many other kinds of coffee shops!


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