19 February 2016

Amazing Da Nang City in Vietnam

You got to love Asia, believe me, there is so much to do, a lot of interesting sights to see – you can never run out of places to visit, sights to see, cultures to explore, museum to visit and learn from and the random holidays that are packed in one calendar year.
Chinese New Year – called TET in Vietnam is that time of the year were people get a long vacation. Like most people around this time of the year, I decided to travel as well. Vietnam has amazing landscapes and worth seeing, from the mountains to the deserts to the white sand beaches.
The northern part of Vietnam experience winter and it really gets COLD, so I decided to go to Da Nang, a city in the central part of the country I thought it would be warm because I wanted to actually relax on the beach, sip on those margaritas in my skimpy bikinis and didn't want to go further South of Vietnam, and guess what, the weather was SHITTY – it was cloudy the whole time I was there. I didn’t even get a chance to go up some of the mountains and do some cool fun stuff.

One thing I can say about the city though is that it’s a good escape from the Hanoi noise and there is WIFI around.
These are some of the cool places I got to visit:
Dragon Bridge
The bridge is 666m long and 37 metres wide with 6 traffic lanes and it is open for motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. It is built over the River Han and the dragon breathes fire every Saturday and Sunday night around 9pm. The Bridge is deemed to be a symbol of prosperity to the city.

Train Thi Ly Bridge
The bridge is around a kilometre south of the Dragon Bridge. Officially opened in August 2014 replacing two old bridges named after Nguyen Van Troi and Tran Thi Ly. It has suspension cables designed to appear as a sail. The bridge is so colourful and changes colours during the night, same as the Dragon Bridge

Lady Buddha
Made of pure white marbles, the Lady B stands at about 70 meters tall and 17 metres wide, she is to Da Nang what Christ the Redeemer statue is to Rio. She’s the goddess of mercy a very sacred place for the locals. It visible from almost all corners of the city making it hard to miss and very visible when heading out of the city to Hoi An – another cool place I’ll share on my next post.
The place is an interesting sight because of its stunning vista (too bad the weather wasn’t so good, I couldn’t capture the awesome view but I tried with a pic below)

My Khe Beach(China Beach)
Looking at the beach from the 21st floor rooftop bar.
The beach stretches up to 9kms, apparently on a good day with good waves you one can go for a small surfing session. People flock the beach for sports such as beach volleyball and football. There are restaurants and bars along the beach, so yet again, on a good day - with good weather - you can literally spend your whole day laying there sipping on some drinks and do absolutely nothing.

Da Nang Cathedral
Known to the locals as Con Ga Church, which means Rooster Church – It has a rooster at the top, the church stands at 70m high with a colonial architectural design in a candy pink colour. It was built around 1923 for the French residents and now its serves as a worship place for the locals.

Phap Lam Pagoda

This is a two storey Temple and is amongst the most sacred temples and busiest during TET and Lunar year – yes it was packed when I visited, it was during TET of course. There are 3 big Buddhas around the temple and there is a gold one inside the temple (it was too packed to take pics)

There are so many places you can visit in Da Nang – due to bad weather I didn’t really do much and my pictures aren’t as good as I wished they could have been. However, here is a list of things you can get up to in Da Nang and you can even go on the internet and see amazing pictures taken. Im planning on visiting the place again during summer to get a proper feel.
§  Marble mountains
§  Monkey mountains
§  Dragon bridge
§  China Beach –My Khe
§  Phap Lam Pagoda
§  Hai Van Pass
§  Cham Museum
§  Da Nang Cathedral
§  Non Nuoc Beach
§  Fifth Military Division Museum of Da Nang

A few of other snaps of Dang I took

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  1. You seems enjoy at Danang, i hope can visit there someday~

  2. Went Hanoi before but not Da Nang.. I think Vietnam is a lovely country to visit!

  3. wow seems like a great place to visit! I have not been to Vietnam before, hopefully would go there one day.

  4. i remember airasia has opened a new route flying to da nang, and that makes me interested to visit this lovely place too!

  5. Such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing. Now I want to visit there too. What do you think of the food in Danang?

  6. Lovely pictures... and now I know where to go in Vietnam since I don't find the pull to go to Ho Chi Minh.... Danang is where I wanna goooooo...

  7. That bridge is amazing and still dragon breath fire wow that is fantastic hope you enjoy your tour right there

  8. HCM, Hanoi done! Danang...here I come!!! love all the photos. You shoot great photos dear!

  9. Finally you blog! I love the photos that you take with wide lens effect! You shoot the best view of Da nang City =D

  10. Thanks for showing all these touristy sights in Da Nang. I have never been yet but now I know where to go and what to do when I do get to visit!

  11. Da Nang is so cultural with so many places to visit. That Lady Buddha is actually Guan Yin btw

  12. wish i have the opportunity to visit vietnam one of these days too. Good shots taken here.


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