23 March 2016

St Joseph’s Cathedral - Vietnam Hanoi

St Joseph’s Cathedral is a 2 tower building officially opened in December 1886 built with stones slabs and standing at 103 ft (31meters tall). Each tower has 5 bells. The architectural design resembles on of NOTRE DAME DE PARIS (A roman catholic church in FRANCE). The resemblance is due to the fact that the church was built by the French during the Vietnam War.

The church is located in the touristy district, HOAN KIEM DISTRICT in Hanoi Vietnam. It is the oldest church in the city and it’s still active. There are few masses held every day and one large one held on a Sundays, hymns and prayers are broadcasted on speakers to accommodate the congregation outside because the church is always frequented by foreigners as well as the local Christians.

This is one of the oldest building in Hanoi that is still in operation

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  1. nice photo ! and nice place, never know Hanoi Vietnam majority is christian religion.

    1. I was surprised to find the cathedral full as well

  2. 1886 is really, really old! The architecture looks beautiful, yet mysterious. How lucky you are to be there!

  3. I love ancient places and this cathedral definitely piques my curiosity... I would love to see it with my own eyes someday....

  4. This cathedral is really old and the building sure hold its own history! Nice photo you took there =D

  5. Haven't been to Hanoi yet. Would love to visit this historic place when I visit. Noted it down for my itinerary. Thank you for sharing.


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