29 July 2016

A short Trip to KASANE – Botswana

Besides Diamonds, my beloved country Botswana prides itself with Tourism, one of the largest contributor to our economy. Most of the tourist areas are located in the northern part of the country with the main Safari regions being The Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park.
Elephants in Sedudu Island

Chobe National Park is located in a small town called Kasane, a gem for Botswana tourism. Kasane is filled with so many activities such as boat cruises, game drives, catching the best sunset silos ever, short trips to the neighbouring countries, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia, the borders to these countries are a few kilometres away from the town, just to mention a few.
Like, who wouldn’t want to see the famous Vic Falls in Zimbabwe whilst on a holiday in Kasane? I highly recommend a visit there, kill 2 birds with one stone. A return trip to Vic falls costs around P200 (aprox USD20)
WaterLily Lodge
Kasane being a small touristy town, as soon as you enter the town it rains lodges, guest houses and hotels everywhere along the main road, I guess there is never a shortage of accommodation.
I have been to Kasane many times hence calling it my 3rd home, I have family there and this time around I didn’t get to do as much touristy stuff like I used to do but rather spent time with them. What’s better than having a small intimate picnic by the river bank and catching the best sunsets ever?
Letswaing - Picnicking With The Family
We had our picnic by the Chobe River Bank in a small area called Letswaing (the locals call it that) A cool chilled out place to relax where hot water surface from the ground and one can be lucky to catch a few animals drinking water around that area.
Letswaing - Chobe River Bank
I also decided to go on a Safari, seeing the wildlife is always breathtaking. I obviously went on a Boat Cruise rather than on a safari car because I wanted to catch the best sunset silos. Of late I have been a sucker for sunsets, like I’m literally obsessed.
The cruise takes approximately 3 hours, every hotel, lodge and private companies offer these tours and prices range from P100 to P300 (or even higher) for the locals and foreigners it starts from around USD25 depending on the companies you use.
Boat Cruising

Elephants Crossing the Chobe River
Sunset Over the Chobe River
The cruise routes into the CHOBE NATIONAL PARK and around the SEDUDU ISLAND (an uninhabitable island In the Chobe River) Catch a brief read about it HERE 
On the cruise, you get to experience the amazing view, enjoy flora & fauna closer to you and the cool breeze.
One of the coolest if not, recent development that I fell in love with in the town was a small PUB called the Mandela Pub, that place gets packed on Thursdays because of Karaoke Nights. Arrive on a Thursday, drop by for a fun-filled Thursday Night.
Mandela Pub - Kasane

A few crafts around the town are also available to take back home as souvenirs. A lot of people there are gifted when it comes to crafts.
Some of the Crafts by the Locals
Travel Kasane and get to enjoy Safari in Botswana. I always leave Kasane more than satisfied.

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  1. Your photos area always awesome. Thanks for sharing another part of the world on your blog.

  2. Nature beauty really do made my day when looking at your photo sharing.

    1. Thanks Apple Berry, its so soothing seeing all of this

  3. how beautiful.. I do hope I can get a chance to visit Botswana one fine day..

    1. You should give it a try in the future and closer the the wild animals. WILD not TAMED :)

  4. Beautiful country, wish to visit this place one day

  5. Nice place for a short trip and relax! Love watching sunset view =D

    1. The Sunset Silos are AMAZING by the river banks, its was so breathtaking. It such a nice place

  6. Although it is not under my travel list, but the scenes do catch my eyes,seriously.

    1. The scene is so amazing, I love it when I ever i visit

  7. I dunno where exactly this place is but the view is amazing!~ Very nice place!~

    1. It is in Botswana, such a beautiful country

  8. Thanks for sharing! I remember the two trips I made there..the second one was quite scary was almost attacked by a charging elephant. I'd love to visit the place again after 14years..

  9. Thanks for sharing! I remember the two trips I made there..the second one was quite scary was almost attacked by a charging elephant. I'd love to visit the place again after 14years..

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You should go back for a visit, you'll sure be amazed


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