29 November 2016

My Story - Nthabiseng Rhoda Mokgoabone

Since I have been asked me to share my story, my mind drifted back and forth to other peoples’, and after days of pondering and borderline frustration of why, it hit me - my life is not my own. That is how my story starts, and ends. I think it started really in my late teen years; I had already been through a lot in my life and what then seemed like an escape less selfish than suicide, I found myself at a familiar place of once again feeling stuck and dead. As a visionary, this was enough to leave me crippled and hopeless… But that was then and this is now, in between I found a reason bigger than my self-centred pity parties and brokenness. I found my purpose: People. This newly found passion shaped my life and unwavering dedication to serving them.
Once again, it’s hard to make this story about myself; the reason now being obvious. But I will try. My story is that as a student of Economics and International Business in Monash University, a university ranked amid the 1% of the World’s Universities I knew the world was my oyster. It wasn’t a cliché or a dream it was a reality within my grasp. I had already surpassed many others and was well on my way to success and self-fulfilment.  I knew where I wanted to work and the title I wanted on my door. By the end of year two, I had a plan of how I was going to bulldoze my way into the impossibility of making it there. Then as the years went by I watched that dream die right before my eyes, in disappointment, in failure, in doubt, and above all in calling. Returning home close to 7 years later, it was then a faded image in my once upon a time. It feels like I’ve lived two lives and at the end of one, one truer than the latter was born.
Often times I look at serving as a cauldron with key ingredients that when put under heat release an aroma, appetizing especially to the hungry and deprived.  These are courage, strength, risk, humility, compassion and integrity. It is neither for the weak nor the fickle, certainly not for the coward. Simple reason being, it always comes with a price tag demanding that you pay up; a weighty cost - a demand bigger than one’s ego, reputation and fears.
Serving is a birthing place of greatness uncharacteristic of the song of this age. Rather than, “Alone I am.”  It evolves into, “Together we are.”  A perfect harmony does not resonate in a one-man performance. Think about it, how often we marvel and are inspired by people who lived not for themselves but for others, and how one man’s life can make a way for the lives of umpteen more to be counted as great. One of my favourite places to stand is behind the Great Khama monument, standing tall, proud, and majestic! Surrounded by names engraved on bronze platters: Names of men who literally gave their lives for a purpose greater than them. Both for the freedom of nations.  And now Botswana stands great, among the nations of Africa, and the nations of the World. It was in giving my life to serve the people of this nation that I leaned to be a patriot.

Don’t be fooled, I serve because I want my life to matter; I want it to amount to something greater than me.  As I have found the secret is to live not for myself. What will my life amount to? Truthfully, I have no idea. All I know is never before have I been more alive, and the world remains my oyster. My story is of redemption of dreams and motives and freedom from purposelessness. My name is Nthabiseng Rhoda Mokgoabone.

25 November 2016

Nesro's First Anniversary And Goodies Giveaway

Today marks a very special day on NESRO, we are turning one, YES, today its NESRO’s FIRST YEAR anniversary.
You all have been nothing but amazing to NESRO, NESRO has grown because of you. Your support, contributions, opinions, Feedback are what made and still makes NESRO grow and this is highly appreciated.
To extend my gratitude, for the next 4 weeks, that is, from today, the 25th November 2016 to the 24th December 2016, I will be giving away NESRO goodies to my reader and followers.
Every Friday I will announce a winner
So this is how it’s going to go down, This competition is all about you, not NESRO.

1.      Go to NESRO Facebook page
2.      On NESRO page, I will SHARE and PIN a Picture,
go ahead and comment telling us what is it that you are passionate about
and what is it that you are doing to push that passion.
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4.      Then wait for the results next Friday (for the next 4 weeks)
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Upon winning, your goodies will be sent to the address that you will provide to us.
I’m so excited about this and to hear all about your stories.
Here are some of the goodies up for grabs


Signing OUT
Mr Orsen

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20 November 2016

Feels Good To Be Back in Thailand

Feels good to be back in Thailand, despite the polluted air, the traffic and the noise, it’s so refreshing to be back, how I missed the food, the lifestyle, the culture and everything that comes along with all the freedom in the world. Having been home (Botswana) for 6 months, it was great but I did miss my time here in the land of smiles.

It's been over a month since I arrived here, it’s sad that I had to arrive during a sad time for the Kingdom of Thailand, they had just lost their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX after a long battle with illnesses for over 10 years. The King was to Thailand what Nelson Mandela was to South Africa, it is indeed a great loss to the country.

The reason why I love this place is that, one can never run out of things to do, there is always something to go about, from visiting temples, joy rides around to the country side, walks around the parks, weekend and night markets, night life, the list is endless.
There are a few things that one can get to see and explore in the city, like I said, you'll never run out of things to do. 

If you have been to Bangkok and never taken a ride on this, you’ve missed out, this is one of the enjoyable ways to explore the city, I have used these many times even after a hectic night heading home. Believe me, these are FAST and can cut through small alleys hence avoiding the never-ending traffic.

This is one the biggest market in Thailand and one of the most popular market in Asia. People from neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Philippines and the rest come here to do some shopping, you can get just about anything, really, ANYTHING, from food, pets, clothes, gadgets, You name it.

This like the metropolitan area of Bangkok, Siam Paragon hosts those luxurious designer shops that my broke ass self doesn’t even bother to go in because I know my bank account doesn’t even afford the ‘Entrance Fee’ that is if they were to charge one.
If you follow the news, this is the area that was boomed and there were boom scares last year. The area is still popular amongst tourists and the locals. I always snap pictures each time I’m here.

It is free to go into the centre and they even have a locker space for you to keep you stuff, that is if you are carrying bags. I came to this place last year (2015) and I fell in love with the art. This time it was a little different, the place was filled with pictures of the late King as everyone was and still in the mourning period.  Just across the Centre is MBK shopping centre

This is the largest shopping mall in Bangkok, the mall is 8 stories high and hosts over 2,000 shops. Shop 'til you drop kinda mall

This place is like the centre point to get mini-buses/Vans for quick trips out of Bangkok as well as connecting during your commuting. The place is surrounded by a massive  number of bus stops to anywhere you would want to go. Victory monument is the largest military monument in Bangkok Thailand, it was erected to commemorate the Thai victory of the  Franco - Thai War

One Friday afternoon walking the streets of Bangkok, well, actually lost as always, BOOM, ended in an amazing place full of graffiti, I guess it was meant to be then. I fell in love with the colours on the walls, thank God I had brought my camera with that day, I did not waste any time, Pitched my tripod, readied my Cam and Remote and snapped the hella outta myself and that place.

And then there is Rangist, North of Bangkok, that's my new home. I find it relaxing and away from the city noise. I really can't complain; I have only been here for 2 weeks and Bangkok Central is 20 minutes away.

Signing OUT
Mr Orsen
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My Story - Tuelo Changu Setume

Photo taken by: Belle Seabo
I grew up in a family of 3 children, being the oldest.  Both my parents are Bakalaka but they never used to speak Sekalaka with us, so odd. My grandmother from my dad's side could not speak an ounce of Setswana but we were so close, so my cousin, Tsompi, was always our interpreter, Imagine her horror.  So one day I asked her to teach me Sekalaka, poor Tsompi agreed. For the whole week that I was in Mapoka, my home village, the poor girl had to go through all the struggle to get me through the lessons, I was 10 at the time. I remember the smile on my granMa's face when I came to her and spoke some bits that I had learnt. This was the day before heading back to Gaborone and the experience taught me a valuable lesson, that when you put your mind to it you can achieve anything. I learnt a language in a week, not all of it, but STILL, I LEARNT.
Growing up, my sister and I LOVED music, I think we got the love from my mom and dad. My dad loved UB40 and Madonna, my mom on the other hand was for Queen and Smokie. This is the type of music we were exposed to at an early age and led to us forming a group with our neighbour and friend, Neo. We called the group NTK (Neo, Tuelo, Kelly), I was 9, Neo was 10 and Kelly was 4 years. Fun times! We composed all sorts of songs that were never released.
I discovered I could rap the very same time I discovered I could act. This was at around the age of 12. I took part in a school play in commemoration of June 16 (day of the African Child) and that’s when the "acting bug" bit me and later went on to take Drama in High School.
My best friend of 24 years, Malebogo, and I used to write poetry and one day her sister read one of my pieces and asked me if I knew that I could turn poetry into rap. Who knew! That was it. From 12 years, I started writing rhymes.
In High school, I would go on to battle guys, SO GUTSY! But I had no choice. I then went on to form a band but later disbanded, I felt demoralised as I never imagined performing or recording without my girls by my side but Pres Beatz thought otherwise.  He advised me to go for it because he believed in me. It took years before I listened but I eventually did. I took his advice and started hitting the studio on my own. I recorded a couple of tracks with Pres but school got in the way. I wanted that Bachelor's Degree in Accounting so bad. So, music took a back seat for a while.
It was until I fell pregnant with my angel Aaliyah Wada, that things took a different turn, I must say, this girl changed my life, she gave me purpose.  For some reason, I wrote A LOT when I was expecting her. The day she was born, I looked into her eyes and I felt like a failure. Thoughts ran through my mind, like “What am I going to say when she asks me why I never gave my passion a try?” I was also getting a lot of questions from people about me pursuing music or acting
Photo by:Dumisani Ncube
I started hitting the studio heavily and released my first track with the only producer who gave me a chance, Bangu. He was and still very patient with me, I will forever be indebted to this man. 
2016 has been so amazing, I’ve releasing two tracks that both made it to the biggest countdown in the country, RB2 top 40, I also Scripted and Directed my debut single’s music video, "FOR YOU" and acting in an amazing piece commemorating the Rwandan Genocide at Maitisong. It has really been a blessing
I made a bucket list and ticked most items off the list, the important one being getting confirmed to the Anglican Church because my relationship with God is everything to me.
I believe that one can do anything and everything they put their mind to. I also believe that one cannot avoid destiny. I tried ignoring my calling but I finally answered and I’m much more at peace. I continue to grow in the industry and as a person too and I would like to see all the items on my bucket list ticked off.
I believe in letting your work speak for you hence I don't like talking about things like future plans. All I can say is, watch this space, the sky is NOT the limit. I am Tuelo Changu Setume also known as Nippy.

Facebook Profile: Tuelo Changu Setume 
Facebook Page: Nippybw 
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12 November 2016

My Story - Nzwadzi Honour Mahlaya

I am an ambitious young professional; Philanthropist, Mentor, Electrical Engineer and an Investor. I grew up in a middle-income family in the mining town of Selebi-Phikwe. As a child, we would have many people visit and leave with some goodies, courtesy of my parents. I would be asked to borrow children who visited my bike and toys. It was through this upbringing that my parents sow a seed of compassion and love for the next person in their children. Through sustained efforts they built a character of care and extending a helping hand to the less-privileged regardless of the little one has.
Upon maturity, I vowed to play an active role in volunteering my time, talent and resources. In December 2014, Dr. Veronica Moshokgo and I founded Bound By Love organization to which I am the Chairperson. Our slogan is "Blessed To Be A Blessing." We subscribe to the ideology that each person no matter their social or economic standing has something to offer; it need not be financial, it can be a talent one can share with disabled children, volunteering to educate or share ideas, extending a helping hand to a needy person. It was our shared vision that through mentorship we can mitigate the grave challenges the education sector experiences today and that through long-term sponsorship of underprivileged students, we can compliment Government's effort to bring about dignity, alleviate poverty and empower communities. 
For the past 19 months, I dedicated most of my time and energy to building a solid foundation for this noble course. I credit the passionate and committed membership of Bound By Love across the globe for the success we have amassed in a short period of time. As a self-funded organization, we have managed to honour our obligations and have gone far and beyond expectations empowering students in Selebi-Phikwe, Mogoditshane and Gaborone. Our vision is to benefit Botswana as a whole through membership that is active, determined and willing to go the extra mile. 
Bound By Love's membership is largely made up of young professionals. As members, we believe that the more we have people share their success story, the hard road they have been through, the strategies they have devised to beat adversity, the mindset they carry on a daily, the more we will see a shift not just in our psychology as a nation but in social and economic gains. It is worth noting that none of Bound By Love members by any stretch of imagination is rich, we all made a resolution to share the little we have to educate, empower and uplift communities. 
It is my hope that Bound By Love efforts would act as a challenge to each and every person to have an input in the development of their community. It has been a fulfilling experience knowing that I am investing in the future of my country

Facebook: Honour Thobo

2 November 2016

My-Story - Tlotlo Lefika Letsomo

My name is Tlotlo Letsomo, born and raised in Gaborone. Ever since my Junior school days I had already started my journey to finding myself, my true purpose, that thing that makes me stand out from the community because I’ve never really felt unique by communing.
During my Junior school days in Sir Seretse Khama CJSS, I wanted to be a prefect so bad with hopes that I’ll be influential but I lost the elections. I then decided to network, befriended almost everyone, from the Head master, to the really terrifying teachers, the strictest prefects, the ladies in the cafeteria and even the school bullies. Yeah, life got really easy from then.
I then proceeded to St Joseph’s College where some of my boys were already seniors. Books were never a problem for me, I did well in my senior school, my reputation was awesome. From St Joe, I went to the University of Botswana, my older brother had already warned me about U.B shenanigans, so I was prepared. First year was all about partying and buying new clothes, bunking lessons and passing make up tests, it was simple and fun. Because everybody had allowance in UB, I felt no different. On my second year, I used my allowance to start the T-shirt business, which was booming at that time, almost every month a t-shirt brand popped up. I called my T-shirt brand 6PAC, a t-shirt for fun lovers, on its belly was printed the top view of 6 beer cans, making the buyers seem as if they have ABS made from cans. I still felt 6PAC was just another regular Tee, so I put more effort on marketing it, of which others were not doing, so I printed new t-shirts which had the head of Pac Man printed on them.
I studied with E.P.I.C in senior school and we met again in U.B. I also met Ozi F Teddy in U.B, he stayed across one of my boy’s room, Him and E.P.I.C joined in for the 6PAC Tee photoshoot. The photoshoot with these gentlemen triggered my Eureka moment, instead of the t-shirt business which was already saturated with new labels and monopolized by big brands such as All Kasi, Ama Kip Kip, etc, I decided to turn 6PAC into a Marketing Agency and promote the local artist.
I Registered 6PAC Promotions on my third year, and fortunately U.B was the right market to do all my researches, failures and executions with a market of over 15 000 people. As I focused on growing 6PAC, I also grew mentally. I remember when I had to print a 6PAC banner, I had to spend my whole allowance for that month and my mum was not in support of this 6PAC jibber jabber. During the allowance week of that month, I saw a Liquor special AD were Jumbo had new liquor from India that Liquorama was not selling at that time, and nobody knew about. On that Friday of that week, I took the risk of buying a full 750ml bottle of whiskey which I was to sell by the school bar in the form of shots. That evening I risked P50 and raised P500 from selling P5 shots which covered me for the month after buying my banner.
6PAC gained popularity on my 4th year of Uni, at this point I had managed to sign a contract with a lady that owned 3 phone booth sized tuck-shops in U.B and we made an agreement that I would be the only one to sell event tickets and music CD’s within the tuck-shops. I also managed to get indoor billboards with Curry Pot which was by then one of the catering company in the school. One event alone would hire a billboard and a ticket booth as they knew and I knew that U.B students were willing and able to buy, hence triple my allowance.
As my studies exposed me to doing class presentations, the internship programs and external assignments, I gained confidence to walk into any office at ease. I decided to drop out of school right about the same time as one of my clients A.T.I, yes it was my final lap and some say I should have just finished, but the opportunities that were being uncovered at that moment would have never waited for me nor would they have repeated again in future, that is just how the opportunity window works, and besides Tourism and Hospitality wasn’t really my thing.
I am now growing 6PAC one brick at a time, I believe Botswana's entertainment industry is extremely fertile but has not yet been exploited and that is what I am trying to do, to open the eyes of investors and stakeholders to this showbiz environment, for them to invest on the artist and their creation and imagination. There is a new Arts school in Botswana called AFDA, I think that is where I’ll continue my studies if not marketing then fashion and motion pictures. If I wasn’t born in the 90’s, I’d be the next P.Diddy, the next Jay-Z, DJ Sbu, Kanye West and Fish Pabalinga.
Facebook: Tlotlo Lefika Letsomo 

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