20 November 2016

Feels Good To Be Back in Thailand

Feels good to be back in Thailand, despite the polluted air, the traffic and the noise, it’s so refreshing to be back, how I missed the food, the lifestyle, the culture and everything that comes along with all the freedom in the world. Having been home (Botswana) for 6 months, it was great but I did miss my time here in the land of smiles.

It's been over a month since I arrived here, it’s sad that I had to arrive during a sad time for the Kingdom of Thailand, they had just lost their beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej, King Rama IX after a long battle with illnesses for over 10 years. The King was to Thailand what Nelson Mandela was to South Africa, it is indeed a great loss to the country.

The reason why I love this place is that, one can never run out of things to do, there is always something to go about, from visiting temples, joy rides around to the country side, walks around the parks, weekend and night markets, night life, the list is endless.
There are a few things that one can get to see and explore in the city, like I said, you'll never run out of things to do. 

If you have been to Bangkok and never taken a ride on this, you’ve missed out, this is one of the enjoyable ways to explore the city, I have used these many times even after a hectic night heading home. Believe me, these are FAST and can cut through small alleys hence avoiding the never-ending traffic.

This is one the biggest market in Thailand and one of the most popular market in Asia. People from neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Philippines and the rest come here to do some shopping, you can get just about anything, really, ANYTHING, from food, pets, clothes, gadgets, You name it.

This like the metropolitan area of Bangkok, Siam Paragon hosts those luxurious designer shops that my broke ass self doesn’t even bother to go in because I know my bank account doesn’t even afford the ‘Entrance Fee’ that is if they were to charge one.
If you follow the news, this is the area that was boomed and there were boom scares last year. The area is still popular amongst tourists and the locals. I always snap pictures each time I’m here.

It is free to go into the centre and they even have a locker space for you to keep you stuff, that is if you are carrying bags. I came to this place last year (2015) and I fell in love with the art. This time it was a little different, the place was filled with pictures of the late King as everyone was and still in the mourning period.  Just across the Centre is MBK shopping centre

This is the largest shopping mall in Bangkok, the mall is 8 stories high and hosts over 2,000 shops. Shop 'til you drop kinda mall

This place is like the centre point to get mini-buses/Vans for quick trips out of Bangkok as well as connecting during your commuting. The place is surrounded by a massive  number of bus stops to anywhere you would want to go. Victory monument is the largest military monument in Bangkok Thailand, it was erected to commemorate the Thai victory of the  Franco - Thai War

One Friday afternoon walking the streets of Bangkok, well, actually lost as always, BOOM, ended in an amazing place full of graffiti, I guess it was meant to be then. I fell in love with the colours on the walls, thank God I had brought my camera with that day, I did not waste any time, Pitched my tripod, readied my Cam and Remote and snapped the hella outta myself and that place.

And then there is Rangist, North of Bangkok, that's my new home. I find it relaxing and away from the city noise. I really can't complain; I have only been here for 2 weeks and Bangkok Central is 20 minutes away.

Signing OUT
Mr Orsen
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