29 November 2016

My Story - Nthabiseng Rhoda Mokgoabone

Since I have been asked me to share my story, my mind drifted back and forth to other peoples’, and after days of pondering and borderline frustration of why, it hit me - my life is not my own. That is how my story starts, and ends. I think it started really in my late teen years; I had already been through a lot in my life and what then seemed like an escape less selfish than suicide, I found myself at a familiar place of once again feeling stuck and dead. As a visionary, this was enough to leave me crippled and hopeless… But that was then and this is now, in between I found a reason bigger than my self-centred pity parties and brokenness. I found my purpose: People. This newly found passion shaped my life and unwavering dedication to serving them.
Once again, it’s hard to make this story about myself; the reason now being obvious. But I will try. My story is that as a student of Economics and International Business in Monash University, a university ranked amid the 1% of the World’s Universities I knew the world was my oyster. It wasn’t a cliché or a dream it was a reality within my grasp. I had already surpassed many others and was well on my way to success and self-fulfilment.  I knew where I wanted to work and the title I wanted on my door. By the end of year two, I had a plan of how I was going to bulldoze my way into the impossibility of making it there. Then as the years went by I watched that dream die right before my eyes, in disappointment, in failure, in doubt, and above all in calling. Returning home close to 7 years later, it was then a faded image in my once upon a time. It feels like I’ve lived two lives and at the end of one, one truer than the latter was born.
Often times I look at serving as a cauldron with key ingredients that when put under heat release an aroma, appetizing especially to the hungry and deprived.  These are courage, strength, risk, humility, compassion and integrity. It is neither for the weak nor the fickle, certainly not for the coward. Simple reason being, it always comes with a price tag demanding that you pay up; a weighty cost - a demand bigger than one’s ego, reputation and fears.
Serving is a birthing place of greatness uncharacteristic of the song of this age. Rather than, “Alone I am.”  It evolves into, “Together we are.”  A perfect harmony does not resonate in a one-man performance. Think about it, how often we marvel and are inspired by people who lived not for themselves but for others, and how one man’s life can make a way for the lives of umpteen more to be counted as great. One of my favourite places to stand is behind the Great Khama monument, standing tall, proud, and majestic! Surrounded by names engraved on bronze platters: Names of men who literally gave their lives for a purpose greater than them. Both for the freedom of nations.  And now Botswana stands great, among the nations of Africa, and the nations of the World. It was in giving my life to serve the people of this nation that I leaned to be a patriot.

Don’t be fooled, I serve because I want my life to matter; I want it to amount to something greater than me.  As I have found the secret is to live not for myself. What will my life amount to? Truthfully, I have no idea. All I know is never before have I been more alive, and the world remains my oyster. My story is of redemption of dreams and motives and freedom from purposelessness. My name is Nthabiseng Rhoda Mokgoabone.

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