12 November 2016

My Story - Nzwadzi Honour Mahlaya

I am an ambitious young professional; Philanthropist, Mentor, Electrical Engineer and an Investor. I grew up in a middle-income family in the mining town of Selebi-Phikwe. As a child, we would have many people visit and leave with some goodies, courtesy of my parents. I would be asked to borrow children who visited my bike and toys. It was through this upbringing that my parents sow a seed of compassion and love for the next person in their children. Through sustained efforts they built a character of care and extending a helping hand to the less-privileged regardless of the little one has.
Upon maturity, I vowed to play an active role in volunteering my time, talent and resources. In December 2014, Dr. Veronica Moshokgo and I founded Bound By Love organization to which I am the Chairperson. Our slogan is "Blessed To Be A Blessing." We subscribe to the ideology that each person no matter their social or economic standing has something to offer; it need not be financial, it can be a talent one can share with disabled children, volunteering to educate or share ideas, extending a helping hand to a needy person. It was our shared vision that through mentorship we can mitigate the grave challenges the education sector experiences today and that through long-term sponsorship of underprivileged students, we can compliment Government's effort to bring about dignity, alleviate poverty and empower communities. 
For the past 19 months, I dedicated most of my time and energy to building a solid foundation for this noble course. I credit the passionate and committed membership of Bound By Love across the globe for the success we have amassed in a short period of time. As a self-funded organization, we have managed to honour our obligations and have gone far and beyond expectations empowering students in Selebi-Phikwe, Mogoditshane and Gaborone. Our vision is to benefit Botswana as a whole through membership that is active, determined and willing to go the extra mile. 
Bound By Love's membership is largely made up of young professionals. As members, we believe that the more we have people share their success story, the hard road they have been through, the strategies they have devised to beat adversity, the mindset they carry on a daily, the more we will see a shift not just in our psychology as a nation but in social and economic gains. It is worth noting that none of Bound By Love members by any stretch of imagination is rich, we all made a resolution to share the little we have to educate, empower and uplift communities. 
It is my hope that Bound By Love efforts would act as a challenge to each and every person to have an input in the development of their community. It has been a fulfilling experience knowing that I am investing in the future of my country

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  1. great piece. How do we get in touch with Bound by Love?

    1. Hello Winnie, if you want to get in touch with BoundByLove contact Honour via his Facebook profile and he'll take you through the necessary steps


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