2 November 2016

My-Story - Tlotlo Lefika Letsomo

My name is Tlotlo Letsomo, born and raised in Gaborone. Ever since my Junior school days I had already started my journey to finding myself, my true purpose, that thing that makes me stand out from the community because I’ve never really felt unique by communing.
During my Junior school days in Sir Seretse Khama CJSS, I wanted to be a prefect so bad with hopes that I’ll be influential but I lost the elections. I then decided to network, befriended almost everyone, from the Head master, to the really terrifying teachers, the strictest prefects, the ladies in the cafeteria and even the school bullies. Yeah, life got really easy from then.
I then proceeded to St Joseph’s College where some of my boys were already seniors. Books were never a problem for me, I did well in my senior school, my reputation was awesome. From St Joe, I went to the University of Botswana, my older brother had already warned me about U.B shenanigans, so I was prepared. First year was all about partying and buying new clothes, bunking lessons and passing make up tests, it was simple and fun. Because everybody had allowance in UB, I felt no different. On my second year, I used my allowance to start the T-shirt business, which was booming at that time, almost every month a t-shirt brand popped up. I called my T-shirt brand 6PAC, a t-shirt for fun lovers, on its belly was printed the top view of 6 beer cans, making the buyers seem as if they have ABS made from cans. I still felt 6PAC was just another regular Tee, so I put more effort on marketing it, of which others were not doing, so I printed new t-shirts which had the head of Pac Man printed on them.
I studied with E.P.I.C in senior school and we met again in U.B. I also met Ozi F Teddy in U.B, he stayed across one of my boy’s room, Him and E.P.I.C joined in for the 6PAC Tee photoshoot. The photoshoot with these gentlemen triggered my Eureka moment, instead of the t-shirt business which was already saturated with new labels and monopolized by big brands such as All Kasi, Ama Kip Kip, etc, I decided to turn 6PAC into a Marketing Agency and promote the local artist.
I Registered 6PAC Promotions on my third year, and fortunately U.B was the right market to do all my researches, failures and executions with a market of over 15 000 people. As I focused on growing 6PAC, I also grew mentally. I remember when I had to print a 6PAC banner, I had to spend my whole allowance for that month and my mum was not in support of this 6PAC jibber jabber. During the allowance week of that month, I saw a Liquor special AD were Jumbo had new liquor from India that Liquorama was not selling at that time, and nobody knew about. On that Friday of that week, I took the risk of buying a full 750ml bottle of whiskey which I was to sell by the school bar in the form of shots. That evening I risked P50 and raised P500 from selling P5 shots which covered me for the month after buying my banner.
6PAC gained popularity on my 4th year of Uni, at this point I had managed to sign a contract with a lady that owned 3 phone booth sized tuck-shops in U.B and we made an agreement that I would be the only one to sell event tickets and music CD’s within the tuck-shops. I also managed to get indoor billboards with Curry Pot which was by then one of the catering company in the school. One event alone would hire a billboard and a ticket booth as they knew and I knew that U.B students were willing and able to buy, hence triple my allowance.
As my studies exposed me to doing class presentations, the internship programs and external assignments, I gained confidence to walk into any office at ease. I decided to drop out of school right about the same time as one of my clients A.T.I, yes it was my final lap and some say I should have just finished, but the opportunities that were being uncovered at that moment would have never waited for me nor would they have repeated again in future, that is just how the opportunity window works, and besides Tourism and Hospitality wasn’t really my thing.
I am now growing 6PAC one brick at a time, I believe Botswana's entertainment industry is extremely fertile but has not yet been exploited and that is what I am trying to do, to open the eyes of investors and stakeholders to this showbiz environment, for them to invest on the artist and their creation and imagination. There is a new Arts school in Botswana called AFDA, I think that is where I’ll continue my studies if not marketing then fashion and motion pictures. If I wasn’t born in the 90’s, I’d be the next P.Diddy, the next Jay-Z, DJ Sbu, Kanye West and Fish Pabalinga.
Facebook: Tlotlo Lefika Letsomo 

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