11 December 2016

Choices, Challenges & Battles


I am because you are part of my existence
You are the path I’m drifting along;
bit by bit, stride by stride I’m heading towards the days of revelation
Towards that understanding of WHO I AM and WHO I AM TO BECOME
You are the foundation of my FUTURE
Black or White, Left or Right, sadly, one has to suffer at the cost of the next.
Consequences of you are ME, Good! ME, Bad! Still ME.
You dip me into a state of turbulence and watch me fight through

My Challenges, My Growth

You shift my consciousness
Shift my calmness and leave me questioning my choices
You compel me to move forward and be the best version of myself
You outline my detailed character
Manning up to you instil in me the Foundation to take on my Battles.

I Choose My Battles

I am head to head with you because I brought myself HERE
I choose my own, I choose them wisely
You are my getaway to liberation
Surviving you definitely seals my soul with serenity
You are my true definition of how my character evolves.
You lead me back to choices that I have made and YET to make AGAIN

I make choices, I’m faced with challenges and I fight my battles for me.
I am on a quest to discover the real ME, the person that I aspire to become.

I am MY NOW and I am MY FUTURE

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