28 December 2016

Wrapping up 2016 by giving grace - I'm grateful

“What a year” *Sigh
Exciting, cold, sweet, fun and more, all round packaged in 366 days, seasoned with disappointments, greatness and a dash of awesomeness.
A year full of downfalls, greatness, love, hate, happiness, sadness...., I don’t really think much was different from all the other years. I believe each year comes by the same and it’s our level of growth that determines how we are going to live. What I'm pretty sure about is that, every year I’m on a Roller-coaster and I’m pretty damn sure I’m not alone, but how one get through the ride, depends on how they react on those twists and turns. I wouldn't say 2016 was my greatness nor my worst year, but rather it was another year full of life lessons and celebrations.

To wrap up my 2016, there are a few things I’m really grateful for, here is my 10 (there is more, but I’ll just give 10):

10. I’m grateful for the people who found an EXIT out of my life and I’m grateful to have found one too. I’m also grateful for those who found an entrance, adult relationships are more meaningful, how long they’d last, it’s not for me to determine but rather appreciate and value what I have at the moment.

9.  Grateful for the love and support I have been getting from everyone following my art, I aspire to be great in the coming years and it’s all because of the motivation I get from you. Your support fuels my passion every single day.

8. I’m grateful for the people who believe so much in my work as a CREATIVE and take chances to let me be part of their creations, part of their empire, that opportunity is highly appreciated.

7. I’d be selfish If I wouldn't be grateful for the opportunities and achievements I got this year, the milestones and seeds I've planted, I’m more than happy to have been presented with them, some people most probably didn't get what I got. I’m grateful.

6. I’m grateful for the challenges I endured throughout the year, believe me, I have faced the worst but I didn't let any of them deter me, but rather, took them as life lessons and motivation to be great - my quest to self-realisation.

5. I’m grateful that, even though I’m not “money RICH”, I’m still able to go by, still able to chase my dreams even if it means travelling miles and miles away from home, that alone is sufficient to give grace for.

4. I’m grateful for the little good things that I take for granted yet they amount to the greatest things in my life, I’m grateful for my mind, for my hands, my sight, my ability to speak, grateful for the job I have, grateful that I woke up to write this. All these add up to the person I am now.

3. I’m grateful for my 2nd family, my friends, these guys are part of my being, they have been with me for the longest and do keep me motivated. They have been through a LOT with me, even though some are miles away, they have been a really great support system. I’ll forever be thankful.

2. I’m grateful for the family I've got, these guys have always been and still are with me throughout my life journey, from the craziest decisions I made & make, the lowest and highest point of my life, there are always there. They might not agree with some choices I make but they are always supportive. I couldn't ask for anything more or less.

1. Above all, I’m grateful for The gift of life. I’m grateful that I get to wake up each day in good health, protected by the all mighty, HE is the reason I’m healthy, the reason I’m breathing and the reason why I’m still alive. I’ll forever be grateful to his mercies, grace and protection. Thank you LORD.

2016 might have been rough, believe it when they say “Good things come from what we deem bad”. Be optimistic and enjoy life, 2016 has made me more optimistic than I was throughout my life. The life lessons have groomed who I am now.
I’m excited and nervous for what 2017 has in store for me, personally, as a blogger, creative and a photographer. I’m praying and hoping for greater things, like they always say,

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