24 January 2017

Coloured Photo background

I swear last week was one hell of a week, I lacked inspiration to photograph or even blog. I was so slow and swamped with other things that I can’t even show results of. For a creative to be in that state, it’s a nightmare. Something in me wasn't having it that week but I forced myself to try come up with something.

On one good afternoon on my way home from work, I walked into a book store to get a few stationery and I was drawn towards A3 sized colourful papers, of course I bought them. Felt more drawn to orange and red, when I got Home I immediately revisited my Colour Coded Series Post and boom, got reminded that Orange colour channels creativity and stimulates enthusiasm and red brings excitement. Exactly what I needed that day.
I decided to pair the papers together and started taking pictures. Quite interesting results I must say.



Those are part of the pictures that I managed to snap and wish to make more clean pictures and share them with you.
Remember To Take Chances In Life, Make Use Of Your Surroundings.

 Signed With LOVE
Mr Orsen Pepe
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16 January 2017

A day trip to Ayutthaya – One of UNESCO's WORLD HERITAGE SITE

So last week I was going about my usually boring daily routine, WORK WORK WORK and more WORK, people close to me know that I work from morning through evening 7 days a week (A man got to eat hey), yes, I’ve got that kind of boring life. So yah, there I was, Friday evening working and remembered that Monday, January 16 2017, was a holiday and I didn’t have work the whole day and I thought to myself, why not do something interesting, something fun to spice up my life a little. Then BOOM, Ayutthaya popped in my mind, of late I heard a few people talk about the place and I was never bothered but on that day, I was. Guess what I did? I went straight to google, read a little about how to get there, what to do, how to get around.
So, I learnt that from my place, RANGIST, you can get to AYUTTHAYA by Bus, Minibus (Van), Taxi (if you are rich of course) or TRAIN. After getting information from the internet, I chose the Train because it was cheap (exactly what a traveller needs), more information was available on what to do from the Train station. The train costs only 20THB, one way from RANGSIT – AYUTTHAYA, a round trip - 40THB approx. $1.12.
Train Ticket
I didn’t know after how many stations I needed to get off, I only knew it took 20 minutes from Rangsit, so I had to be on the lookout, the sad part about the train journey was that I didn't have the window seat but people who hogged the seats were bloody sleeping the entire trip, just wanted to punch them. Anyways, arrived in Ayutthaya safely, just a few meters away from the train station there are a few Tourist / Travel Agents, I immediately dashed to the Bicycle agent to get myself one. 50THB ($1.40) got me a bike for the whole day, BOOM what a bargain, I wouldn’t have even minded paying a 100.
50THB a day Bike
Then my journey in Ayutthaya started, Jesus, it was like a 5 – 6 hours of madness, I even think I’m sun burnt Darker than the berry Juice (is it black though? Oh well).
A Brief about Ayutthaya (very brief)
“It is an island at the convergence of 3 rivers, Chao Phraya River, Lopburi River and Pa Sak River. Sometime in 1350 Ayutthaya became the 2nd capital of Siam and went on to become the largest city in the work around 1700 but that was short lived when the Burmese burnt the city down. It has been recognised as an UNESCO'S WORLD HERITAGE SITE”.

This whole Trip Cost me THB300 less than $10 (8.50) and I must say, it was WORTH IT. I did get lost a couple of times though (LOL), even lost the padlock to the bike chain and got fine THB40, Hahaha.
So here are a few snaps of some places I got to Visit, Thank God today all Temples were free, no entrance fees

1. Wat Maha That

2. Wat Chai Watthanaram

3. Wat Ratchaburana

4. Wangchang Lae Phanait

5. Wat Phra Ra

6. Ayutthaya Historical Study Center

I brought my CAMERA, TRIPOD and REMOTE along to snap the pictures. I took Almost all pictures myself. 
If you ever make your way to Thailand Bangkok, Have this Historic City on you to visit list, Cheap and easy to move around.

Signed With LOVE
Mr Orsen Pepe
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14 January 2017

Unleash Your Thoughts & Live Your Life

Often times we live based on Social norms, we waste our time wondering what people think or say about us and we actually forget to live based on how we really want to. One thing we need to understand is that, not everyone will be happy once you are happy, that’s how life is. Embrace whoever is supporting you and let the other noise be, channel your energy to your work, work on yourself and your goals.
 I have been listening to a lot of motivational videos lately and one that struck a chord with me was from Fahylando A Jackson – Walk In Your Truth, he mentioned that once you do so, everything will then makes sense and you'll stay happier. Which is so true, we’ve only got one life, unless you are a cat, why waste it unhappy? I want to live and breathe ARTS, nothing but ARTS.

I always strive to push myself, to make myself great, to be exceptional hence very experimental with my photography skills, sharpening my skills by the day. I want to be a few levels up the day I come out as a PROFESSIONAL Photographer, I don’t want to be at the bottom of the pack, I want to be up there with my secret role models.

Black and White clothes have become part of me for the past 4 to 5 years, I used to be into colourful clothes, but I have since shifted to more blacks and whites, these are very TIMELESS, you can never go wrong and out of style.
On this black and white shoot, I just didn’t want to miss on the long-standing trend of Black and white portraits with smoke and guns. One would say this concept has been overdone, but you know, the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) kicked in, I just had to do it. So, I took it upon myself to get it done. Mind you, I'm not in any way Supporting the Use of Guns nor smoking, this is just a photoshoot.

Remember this:
You can be a LAMP and some people will still complain that you aren’t bright enough, a Sheep, and some will still call you a wolf. That’s the dynamics of life.

When people start coming for you, you are definitely making a mark, they do notice you and see your work. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE

Like They Always Say; "Let Your Work Speak Volumes"

Signed With LOVE
Mr Orsen Pepe
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8 January 2017

New Year - A Fresh Start, Go Get What's Yours

A fresh start to yet another 12 months, 365 days, 52 weeks. Time to work on being great again. If you thought you had “Failed” or not done enough last year, this is the time to redeem yourself, get started. January is that time of the year when most of people’s enthusiasm levels are at the brim, so go ahead and take advantage of it and get things done.
Get Up, Put On Your Full Armor And Own Your Throne.

A few days into the new year, I must say, I’m a bit nervous, I wonder what the year has packed up for me. I had an idea I wanted to execute before this post, however, I was unable to do it due whatsoever reasons the universe had. The pictures I took for this post aren't exactly what I had imagined, IMPROVISATION kicked in, so I had to re-write and re-arrange my post. See, things won’t always work in your favour, so we need to learn to make the most of what life throws at that moment.
Just like all the photoshoot I have done on my blog, It's ALL BY MYSELF, yes EVERYTHING. With this shoot, I chose to use mild colours , WHITE, GREY and SILVER (crown)
I chose WHITE to represent the Light, Goodness and Perfection that this year has to offer me. I then went on with SILVER, this colour represents, Glam, Sleek and Grace, this is how I want to go about my year. Then I followed up with GREY, even though it’s deemed to be an emotionless colour, I chose it because of it’s Neutral and Sophistication, it blends well with what I’m about, One hell of a Sophisticated being.

This year I aspire to do great with NESRO, I want to be more daring, push myself beyond boundaries and snatch what’s mine, I urge you to do the same too and get what’s yours.

This year, speak positivity in your life, embrace challenges and be grateful for everything. By doing so, everything becomes second nature, everything will make sense, REMEMBER,
The universe is always listening.


Do not Conform to Society's  Ideas of Normal

Your Success Is A Reach Away

Be The King/Queen You Want To
Signed With LOVE
Mr Orsen Pepe
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