7 May 2017

A Short Vacation To Koh Samui & Chiang Mai - Thailand

March through April was rather a hectic month, I was at my busiest, I however decided to take a week off from my hectic schedule to add on to the one week holiday gearing up to the Thai New year, which was from the 13th - 15th April, to rejuvenate - so I had two weeks holiday. I have been swamped with school, 2 jobs and my own little hustle on the side. It gets a bit overwhelming at times that I feel like throwing in the towel, if you are a true serious hustler you'll understand. 
I honestly deserved this outing, I hadn't had a break since the beginning of the year.
Flexing before Thai New Year

I have been slow on blogging about the holiday because I really didn't get much interesting pictures as I would have loved to. Anyways, I decided that today was the day to lay it all out on my blog.

If you follow my Facebook profile Orsen Pepe-Tee McFarlane, my Facebook page NESRO BLog and Instagram @Mr_Orsen you might have seen and tracked my whereabouts and activities in those 2 weeks.

The first stop was Koh Samui; Thailand’s second largest Island on the east cost of Kra Isthmus, known for its palm fringed beaches, mountainous forest and a short stop on your way Koh Phangan, home for Full moon parties.
On the Ferry

The weather
wasn't at its best, rather it was BAD, real BAD for an Island holiday. It rained for 6 days straight, the first few days I was, Ok I'm hoping that the next day would be better, but NOPE, the cloud cleared the day before my next destination. 

I stayed at this beautiful resort called The Sarann Resort - A small intimate oceanfront villa at the Tip of Chaeweng Noi Beach with an amazing infinity edge pool and the view was to die for.
The Sarann Resort Pool and View

Koh Samui - Chaweng Beach
"A beach on the east coast of Koh Samui and has a reputation for a pristine white beach and an excellent nightlife infrastructure especially on the northern end of the beach."

Hours after I bought my flight out to my next destination, I was like DAAAAAAAMMNN what is it that I owe the Gods? The Sun was OUT, like……… HELLOO…
Koh Samui - Chaweng Beach

The weather was so bad that I couldn't do any activities. I did nothing but walk on the Beach, when it stopped raining, and had a few drinks.
Combo Beach Club and Restaurant
The Longest Long Island by the Combo Resort. The Pines and The Cocktail

Combo Beach Club and Restaurant
The sun came out and went in to cool down. The sun came out blazing though, ASIA *Sigh. This resort was to die for, the view and everything was out of this world but not as great as the Sarann.
Combo Beach Club and Restaurant 

Fisher men boats by the Pier, before boarding the Ferry to Surat Thani to catch a Flight to Chiang Mai

At the Pier Waiting for the Ferry to Surat Thani Airport to catch a flight to Chiang Mai
Flew on a weekend to my next destination, Chiang Mai, a total shift from the rains to the HOT OVEN, it was blazing HOT in Chiang Mai, step out for 2 minutes you start DRIPPING. I did some sightseeing there and got to enjoy SONGKRAN as well – Thai New year, I Shared The Video on YouTube Thailand -Chiang Mai - Songkran 2017

Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2017
Songkran is the Thai New Year, aslo known as the water festival. It is the world's largest water festival.
Chiang Mai Songkran Festival 2017
Going in for the gun fight

Wat Phra That Doi  Suthep
One of northern Thailand's most sacred temples, it has 306-step staircase flanked by mosaic. The temple was built in 1383 to enshrine Buddha’s relics. There are also meditation classes there.

Wat Phra That Doi  Suthep
Chiang Mai - Thapae Gate
 "Chiangmai's main entrance to the old walled city  In days gone by it was the gate through which traders, diplomats and visiting monks passed when they had business in the city proper. As the main entry route to Chiangmai was from the Mae Ping River and down Tapae Road to the gate, this was the main thoroughfare of Chiangmai. Today, the buildings and growth around the old moated wall have grown and Chiangmai is a much larger city with much more business conducted on the outside of the wall than on the inside, but Tapae Road is still the main thoroughfare and Tapae Gate is still the main entrance to the old walled city. And, it is still today the main center of Chiangmai's public city activities and festivals 
Wat Chiang Man
Chiang Mai’s oldest temple and holds some important Buddhist images including a famous crystal Buddha. Construction on the temple started in 1306 although several parts were added in later centuries so the temple complex has lots of different styles of architecture side by side

I wish I had captured and done a lot of activities during these 2 weeks but NOPE, I spent most of it indoors - I felt relaxed though and bad at the same time as I didn't use the time I had to explore those new places.

Nonetheless, I'm planning to go back to these places and work on a proper review and much more interesting posts.

Having said that, thanks for checking out my blog.
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