25 November 2017

2 Years, 24 Months, 730 days and counting - NESRO Turns TWO

Content creation is one of the most interesting and exciting jobs in this digital era, however, it is not as easy as one might think, I have so much content that I created and not shared on my Blog because half way through it I felt it wasn’t worth sharing. It can also be exhausting at times, especially if you have other commitments. I have 2 full times jobs, a part time student, photographer and have since added sewing into my active hobbies, now do the math.
I am actually proud of myself that I still create content for my Blog, trust me, it is not a joke. Statistics show that most Blogs don’t even stay online past the first 6 months of inception, I am glad we have past that 4 times.
Today marks a very important day to me, NESRO Is 2 Years Old. 2 years ago I started this baby in a hostel somewhere in Vietnam Hanoi and we are still here up and running. I am very happy to see this child of mine grow and very excited for what I have planned for it this coming season.

Last year I during the anniversary month, gave away a few Goodies to my followers and readers, the response was amazing, check it out --> 

Above all, I am very motivated to share more of my travels stories and my professional life. I'm turning into a professional photographer next year, I'm very nervous and excited at the same time, but I'm ready for the challenge and very excited for this new season.
To everyone who has been with me on this journey THANK YOU SO SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart, couldn’t be happier.

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